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Designing and Manufacturing of Mechatronics Systems, CAD, CAE, Machining, Testing


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Our goal is to become a global sourcing partner, where we leverage each part of the mirjam-co.ir Advantage to maximize category profitability.

About Arman Sanat Mirjam

Arman Sanat Mirjam known as Mirjam is a company in Iran. It established in 2014 in Esfahan Science and Technology Town (ISTT) as an incubator first. Our main fields of working are designing and manufacturing of solenoid valve and mechatronic systems. Our head department is recently moved to Esfahan city centre. Our workshop is located in ”Shahpour”. It is a well-known industrial zone in Esfahan and Iran. Mirjam main responsibility is involved in designing, testing and producing solenoid valves for different purposes Producing valve for different purposes as well as mechatronics systems.

Product & Service

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Solenoid valve design and manufacturing

Design and Analysis (CAD & CAM)

Machining (CNC)


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We are profiting well-educated and well-trained people in both head office and workshop. Most of our staff graduated in Mechanical and mechatronic engineering. They regularly participate in traineeship courses and are updated.

OMID JAMSHIDI AFARANI MSc in mechanical engineering Experience in design, mass production, mechatronic, and engine systems
Creative Designer
Mohamad Ahamdi Mechanical components, production
Technical Manager
Creative Designer
FARHUD SHEHNI BSc in petroleum engineering Both technical and management experience
Managing director
Creative Designer
ADEL ASLANI BSc in mechanical engineering Test and repairing fuel injection system, error removing
Business Adviser
Creative Designer
Babak Shams
Creative Designer
Shaghayegh Boyerhasani
Creative Designer

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